I Love My Job Very Much

by Joe Lavelle on August 8, 2011

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Tell me about your job.  Now, before you take a deep breath and begin to share the details of your daily routine, your recent accomplishments, or your frustrations with your boss, let me refine the question.  Tell me about your job in six words.  What would you come up with?

“Excited for Monday, still love Friday!”

“High school teacher and football coach”

“Paying bills but that’s about it”

Those are just a few I came up with to get you started.  And, if you do take the time to narrow your job description to six words, you may be rewarded with a little bit of fame and some keepsakes for your efforts.

Smith Magazine and Mercer Consulting are developing a book called Six Words About the Work Life and they want your submissions!  In addition to possible inclusion in print, the chosen entries can earn their writers other prizes.

I like to tell professionals to look at their career from a new and fresh perspective on a regular basis as a way of encouraging appreciation for what they have or perhaps getting them to make some changes if their current work is not fulfilling.  I think this exercise is a fun way to do just that.  Spend some time thinking about what your work represents and how it makes you feel, and then see what six words you end up selecting.  I hope that your chosen sentence conveys a passion and a drive for your chosen career.  If not, this may be the succinct wake-up call you’ve been needing.

Share some of your six-word sentences with us!  We promise not to submit them as our own and it may just offer some food for thought on our own workplace circumstances.  I look forward to reading the products of your creative minds!



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