Challenges and Rewards of Being a “Moonpreneur”

by Joe Lavelle on September 19, 2011

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It is not unusual to read news stories these days about how people feel fortunate simply to have one job.  With unemployment hovering around nine percent, we probably all know someone who is looking for work.  But for some people, that one job just is not enough.  In many instances, men and women take on a second position in order to provide some much needed additional income for their families.  Other times, though, professionals find themselves building the business of their dreams as a side effort.  They are known as “moonpreneurs” and, if they are building their brand effectively, they are some of the most driven and successful workers you will find.

If you are self-employed and run your own business, I imagine that you probably were a moonpreneur at some point.  You worked all day at a career that you enjoyed and at which you did well, but came home in the evenings to focus on an idea that was your true passion.  Maybe it was website design or direct sales or a catering business.  What made the process work for you?

According to an article recently published on the Daily Finance website, two key factors in being a moonpreneur are organization and, if you are married, an understanding spouse.  Time and money will both be at a premium when you are working full-time and also trying to launch a business.  You need to make sure you are carving out the hours you need to give the business the best chance of success while also keeping your personal priorities in line.  Otherwise, no level of success will be worth what is sacrificed.

Are you an entrepreneur who grew your business as a second job?  What advice do you have for others who are trying to balance the 9-to- 5 job, their own professional ambitions, and family life?

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