Climbing the Career Jungle Gym

by Joe Lavelle on September 1, 2011

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As someone who has a passion for helping others achieve their professional dreams and accelerate their careers to heights they perhaps never before dared to think possible, I love to read the great advice that others have concerning career development.  I consider myself a student at least as much as I do a teacher, probably more!

I just came upon one of the best articles that I’ve read recently concerning career success.  It’s one that offers a compilation of advice given by women who have been deemed Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women over the thirteen years.  The ten recommendations are all wonderful and worth following, but I’d like to point out two that really stuck with me.

1. Forget the ladder, climb the jungle gym.  What a great analogy!  Sometimes our career path is not always a direct path up.  There are opportunities all around you, and you need to be on the lookout for options to your left or right that might just be the springboard for great things in your future.

2. Give thanks.  I mention this concept a lot on this blog, but it bears repeating.  We need to be aware of, and acknowledge, the people on our team and the mentors who helped us get to the positions we are today.  As Gina Drosos, who runs Proctor & Gamble and is featured in this article, says, “the higher you climb, the less you do it all yourselves.”  Great words to remember.

I urge you to check out all ten tips in this article, because every one of them will benefit how you think about your career.  And, when you’re done, find the closest jungle gym and go for a climb.  It will get you thinking about the bigger career picture and you might just have a little fun and enjoy some fresh air at the same time!

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