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by Joe Lavelle on October 25, 2011

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There are certain movies that come to mind almost immediately when people are asked about a storyline that takes place in a work environment.  Office Space, a movie about a guy who becomes frustrated with his cubicle and jammed copier existence and the unusual characters who surround him, is often claimed as a favorite among people who can relate to the monotony of most offices.  But, instead of giving professionals realistic films to rally around, Hollywood more often offers products that create a false sense of the workplace.  Or, at least, that is the opinion of writer Sonia Acosta.

In her piece entitled “6 ways Hollywood lies to us about the workplace,” Acosta details some myths that movies and television shows tend to embrace when it comes to the offices and careers within which most of us operate every day.  Marketing instructor and career coach Christina McHale is interviewed as part of the piece and she says that many teenagers and 20-somethings are making career decisions based on what they see on the screen.  If so, they are in for a surprise.

For example, Acosta writes that work comes across as being so easy.  Investigators find a critical piece of evidence with one wave of a flashlight and entrepreneurs magically make money overnight.  Those who work in a office make wisecracks and hang out at the watercooler, and never seem to accomplish anything of substance.

Also, she asserts that Hollywood is unfair in making all bosses look either like demanding ogres or dimwitted idiots.  We are not often given examples of strong leaders who make great decisions for their companies and have a genuine interest in their employees’ success and satisfaction.

Check out her entire article for the rest of the workplace myths we are shown by Hollywood, including the examples she provides for each myth, and let me know if you agree.

Is there a movie that you’ve always loved because it perfectly depicted your experience at work?  Or, maybe one that made you roll your eyes with how unrealistic its portrayals were?

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