You’re Unemployed . . . Now What?

by Joe Lavelle on October 17, 2011

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If you have ever been in the unnerving position of losing your job, you probably found that there were two groups of people who were most noticeable in their reaction.  The first didn’t have much to say, maybe even avoided you, because they didn’t know how to comfort you or convince you that circumstances would soon turn around for the better.  And then, there were those in your life who offered a seemingly endless stream of advice.  These folks had all kinds of ideas about how to find a new job and what to do with your money while you waited for this job to arrive.

At the risk of falling into the latter group, I wanted to share a great article I read on the MSNBC website recently that shares some important tips for those who have suddenly found themselves counted among the unemployed.  Many of the ideas mentioned have been the focus of posts on this blog, and also featured by other writers in this field.

Among the advice in the article is the concept of always leaving the house looking like you are ready to be hired.  How many of us are guilty of going to the grocery store or our kids’ school wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants?  You just might meet your next employer while choosing a box of cereal or signing up for a parent-teacher conference.  Realize that every moment is a possible opportunity.

Several of the recommendations focus on the idea of taking care of yourself.  Are you taking steps to make sure that your health insurance is continued?  Should you see a psychologist to rebuild the confidence you need to go after a new job?  Are you using this time that is now available to you to exercise?

If you are struggling through a period of unemployment, or are unhappy with the job you have now, check out this article and perhaps discover some new tools for this stage in your professional life.

What advice do you have for a person who is facing unemployment? 


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