Everything That You Need to Know About Giving More Effectively

by Joe Lavelle on December 20, 2011

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I often write about giving back and it is something that my family and I are very committed to.  Though I have to admit that I wish I had more time to give and most of my giving so far in life has been financial.  Even so, I have been feeling lately that even though my wife and I give substantially we are not giving with the same discipline, intention or effectiveness that I coach people to manage their careers.

And then, presto… I received an e-mail from a publisher asking me if I would like to receive an early copy of a book about giving.  I jumped at the opportunity and waited impatiently to receive the book.  It turns out that my impatience was justified.

From the second I opened and started reading Giving 2.o by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen (Netscape founder Marc Andreessen‘s wife) I knew that there was some divine intervention involved in bringing the book to my attention.  Just a month before, as my wife and I worked with our lawyers recently to re-work our wills because of our move from Massachusetts to Alabama, I asked our lawyers to research the best structure to accommodate our giving habits (family foundation, charitable trust, etc.)  As our lawyers were working on that, Giving 2.0 gave me all the background information and answers that I needed to make a good decision to facilitate our giving.   It is an easy read that you can make it through in a few sittings (I read it on 2 successive flights to and from North Carolina) and I am sure you will refer back to it regularly.

Here a couple quotes from the book that have inspired me to learn more about effective giving:

On giving circles … “The further I go into philanthropy and the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.  This must be the experience of every philanthropist, regardless of the amount of money they have to give.  But if you share your challenges and dilemmas with others, you can get further, far faster.  And when you immerse yourself in philanthropy, moments of learning appear all the time.”  This sounds very much like a career coaching discussion that I would have with a client.

On goal and strategy setting … “Perhaps the most challenging part of being a philanthropist is the fact that you’ll have to turn down worthy applications for funding… particularly saying no to immediate needs, because with my strategy, I’m sacrificing the immediate needs”  Again, this sounds like a coaching discussion I would have with a client, once we create a plan to achieve their desired goals, I help my clients stay focused on the goals and to not be distracted by other worthy by not desired goals.  

Giving back is rewarding and can be great for your family and your career.  Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen has made it her life’s work to be a philanthropist and to teach others to become better ones.   If you are in any way interested in giving your time or money to any way, I strongly recommend purchasing and reading Giving 2.0.  I know that it will inspire and educate you to become an even more effective giver!

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