Make 2012 the Best Yet for Your Career

by Joe Lavelle on January 3, 2012

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We are not far into the new year, but I imagine you probably already have read your share of lists.  There’s the “Top Ten Trends to Expect in 2012” or “Most Anticipated Movies of 2012” or, of course, that list of states for each presidential primary day.  And, you even may have your own list of resolutions that you’ve created.  Despite all of this, I hope you will indulge me for one more list as we all look to make 2012 our most successful year yet.

What are some steps that you can take to make your career accelerate this year in ways that it never has before?  I’ll start by offering  a few suggestions:

1. Determine to attend at least one networking event every month, especially if it takes you out of your comfort zone.  Learn how people you may not automatically expect to be helpful to your career can become some of your most meaningful allies.

2. Choose two blogs to follow.  This is not a plug for my work, although I love having you here!  There is so much fresh and great content related to career development, leadership, entrepreneurs, etc. being posted on websites every day.  Check out the links I have for some of my friends or simply do an internet search and see what you find!

3. Plan your vacation before March arrives.  Carve out at least a few days in 2012 that you will take to unwind, unplug, and enjoy some time with family, friends, or a favorite hobby.  Having this personal time on the calendar is a great motivator to work harder now and will bring you back to your efforts refreshed and energized after it’s over.

So, what do you suggest?  What should we be doing in 2012 to make this our best professional year ever?  Your input is needed!

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