Raising Expectations and Your Perspective

by Joe Lavelle on February 27, 2012

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We all want to fit in.  It’s natural to want to be accepted by those around you — to feel like you get the inside jokes and that you are invited to the good conversations around the water cooler.  There’s comfort in being the norm.  However, if you want to be a leader in your office and in your field, you need to decide that you are willing to step away from your peers and look at your environment from a different perspective.

On his blog All Things Workplace, Steve Roesler posted some thoughts recently that made me pause to consider their impact.  I love that there are so many amazing writers in the fields of career development, leadership, and networking who constantly enrich my own work!  He writes that, “If you simply match the rest of the workforce and blend in, your influence is diminished. Eventually, you become invisible.”  He goes on to mention that you need to be ready to raise your personal expectations and view things from a heightened perspective.

I love that visual!  Instead of walking through our offices every day, quietly noting the annoying little problems and thinking about all that we would like to change, what about the notion of looking at our workplace with a wider lens?  You could see the entire office from the place it had come and look ahead to where it may be in five or ten years with the right guidance and fresh ideas.  You can become the “big picture” person in the office to whom everyone looks for the motivation to move forward to better places.

 Have you had a time that you chose to separate yourself from the pack at your office in order to establish yourself as a leader?  Did you find that others were eager to follow? 

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