What New Hobby Do You Want to Start?

by Joe Lavelle on March 25, 2012

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Mandarin Chinese.  Square dancing.  Stamp collecting.  Genealogy.  Maybe it won’t be one of these suggestions, but what is one new skill or hobby that you would like to commit to studying this year?

There is no doubt that you are well served if you make the decision to learn something new every day, even if it’s just looking up the species of the bird that you see perched outside your office window every afternoon.  In my book, I discuss the importance of ongoing education in keeping our brains fresh and productive.  Plus, learning a new fact or developing your ability at a sport or other pastime is simply fun and could be a great way to spend more time with your spouse or kids.  (Or maybe it just offers you an hour a day for some much needed alone time, which is great, too.)

Learning to knit will make you better at processing those office reports on time.  Practicing your forehand in preparation for a tennis tournament at your local YMCA will translate into you becoming a more effective listener at work.  Why?  Because you allow yourself an outlet — time to recharge your mind and not become resentful of the idea that your life is all about work.

So, will you determine to turn off the TV for a half-hour or an hour every evening and read until you consider yourself an expert on French Renaissance painting?  Or, maybe you need to sign up for that new kickboxing class that meets early in the morning and gets your heart pumping before you head into work to amaze your co-workers and boss with your new ideas and drive.

Check out a blog post by Rachel Emma Silverman, “Who Has Time to Learn?”, over at The Wall Street Journal blog entitled The Juggle and see if you can relate to her struggles to make time for learning and self-improvement!

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