September 11 … I will always remember… now “Wake Up America!”

by Joe Lavelle on September 11, 2013

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My political comment for the year…

I will always remember 9/11/01 … I was running FCG’s software development office in Washington, DC and we had a project that was winding down in WTC Tower 2. It took most of the day to make sure everyone on our team and their families were accounted for and all were safe in DC and NYC. Though I know many that had loved ones in the towers or on planes that did not make it…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – stop the bipartisan bitching, fighting and total lack of working together that has occurred since that day… not just our politicians, all of us including my friends on Facebook… our country has lost so much since then, not because of terrorists, but because we Americans are not working together to solve our problems. We can’t wait to criticize our Presidents, Congress and others but is anybody really putting forth good solutions and then using diplomacy to implement them????

If you don’t like our Policy on <whatever> , suggest a better solution and do something about it! With social media today, you have as big a voice as you ever had.

As one of my favorite radio characters Earl Pitts puts it… “Wake up America!!!!”

Let’s make the USA great again!!!

…. dismounting soapbox for another year….

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